Project title: Establishing the patron of a local government unit in local and regional traditions

Program: Science for Society (a program of the Ministry of Education and Science)

Beneficiary: International Research Center for Public Finance and Tax Law

Implementation period: 28.10.2022–28.10.2024

Project manager: dr. Michal Ożóg

Total value of the project: PLN 602,500.00

Project funding: PLN 602,500.00

Project description: The issue of establishing patrons of a local community will be examined from an interdisciplinary perspective. The project takes into account the legal, historical, sociological, philosophical, theological, political and cultural perspectives in the study of the institution of patronage of a local government unit. The research is supplemented by popularization activities through the dissemination of knowledge about the institution of patronage of the local government community, along with information about the patrons established so far. The main objective of the project is to indicate the importance of establishing a patron of a local government unit for the cultivation of local and regional traditions.

The research is concerned with identifying the oldest examples and forms of establishing a patron of communities (localities) in the Polish lands and their impact on Polish culture on a micro and macro scale. The project involves the systematization of knowledge concerning: the evolution of the function of the patron over the course of history, the historical and cultural significance of the patron for the local government community, the person elected as a patron today, the adopted procedure of consultation of the authorities with society and its institutions, the procedure of resolution, the indication of patriotic attitudes, the embodiment of which is the patron, the presentation of customs and traditions associated with the patron, the forms of commemoration and celebration of the person of the patron in the local or regional community, the impact of the patron on the social, economic and cultural ties that are to shape the basic territorial division of the state.

Project financed from the state budget