Conference invitation

Institute of Political Science and Public Administration

Faculty of Social Science

Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities (UPH)


It is our great pleasure to invite you to the International Scientific Conference entitled "Income systems of local self-governments in selected countries" (Siedlce, 27-28 September 2023).


General information:

Organising the conference became possible due to the scientific grant obtained from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Poland within the programs Social responsibility of science, Excellent science, Supporting science conferences, no DNK/SP/549878/2022.


The implementation of the grant is aimed at, among others:

- presenting income systems of local self-governments in different countries,

- analysing the local self-government income structure that is the most stable in the face of either global or domestic or local crisis,

- verifying to what extent local self-government can be financially independent of government administration,

- finding the optimal local self-government income system.

The conference will facilitate the discussion of the most important problems related to the optimal local self-government income system. The conference will help to exchange information on the solutions regarding the stability of local self-government incomes applied in different countries.

The presented legal solutions applied in different countries will help to formulate de lege ferenda postulates regarding changes in various local self-government income systems.

The subject area of the conference encompasses the issues of financial law of local self-governments, financial law and public finance, tax law, international financial law.


The conference consists of the following parts:

Day 1, 27 September 2023

Part 1. Sources of local self-government incomes in selected countries.

- Division of incomes between government administration and local self-governments in selected countries;

- Participation of local self-governments in the incomes of national budget in selected countries;

- Transfers from the national budget such as grants and subsidies to local self-governments;

- Tributes to local self-governments in selected countries;

- Impact of crisis situations, for example: recession, coronavirus pandemic, imbalance in the global economy, on the stability of local self-government incomes.

Part 2. Business activity as a source of local self-government incomes.

- Possibilities to conduct business activities by local self-governments in selected countries;

- Conducting business activities by local self-governments independently and through related companies;

- Conducting business activities in the public utilities sector;

- Range of commercial business activities conducted by local self-governments;

- Using public-private partnership to increase local self-government incomes, or to reduce the expenditure on the implementation of public tasks;

- Trading in securities (stock and shares), and real estates as a source of local self-government incomes;

- Advantages and disadvantages of conducting business activities by local self-governments.


Day 2, 28 September 2023

Part 1. Local taxes in selected countries.

- Possibilities to constitute taxes by local self-governments;

- Shaping tax rates, taxable bases, tax abatement and tax exemptions by local self-governments;

- Collection and enforcement of local taxes;

- Range of government administration interference in shaping local taxes.


Part 2. Income autonomy of local self-governments in selected countries.

- Structure of local self-government incomes;

- Incomes that can be allocated autonomously;

- Advantages and disadvantages of allocating incomes autonomously;

- Incomes that are only allocated for specific purposes;

- Stability of particular sources of income.


Papers can be delivered in either English or Polish, and will be translated from English into Polish and from Polish into English. Up to 20 minutes will be allowed for each paper. The conference will be held online via the Zoom platform. The detailed conference program, along with more technical information about online participation, will be announced at a later date.

Participation in the conference is free of charge for all participants: speakers and listeners.

The conference will be broadcast on UPH's YouTube channel and on social media. The presented papers will be recorded and some excerpts will be subsequently published on the conference website. Selected post-conference materials will be published on the conference website.

Important dates:

The declaration of participation in the conference together with the title of the paper should

be sent by 30.04.2023. Applications should be made only in electronic form by sending a signed scan to the following address:

The presentation or abstract (either in Polish or English) should be sent by 30.06.2023 to the following address:


Additional information can be obtained from Wojciech Gonet,, tel. 0048 603 576767.

More information

Scientific Committee:

Prof. Doc. JUDr. Petr Mrkývka, Masaryk University, Ph.D.

Prof. Doc. JUDr. Ing. Michal Radvan, Masaryk University, Ph.D.

dr hab. Anna Ostrowska, prof. PWSZ in Łomża.

dr hab. Elżbieta Feret, prof. UR in Rzeszów.

Files to download

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